Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off to Greece!!!

Finally that day is here, I'm going on my holiday to Greece. The sun, the sea, the sand... A lot of stuff has been going on these past few weeks, but the biggest thing is me changing my flat which also means taking my whole work place with me:) Anyway, although it was fun and exciting, it's was also very tiring and exhausting and now I REALLY need to not do anything for a few weeks! Enjoy the summer and see you when I get back;) Oh, I almost forgot, check out my portfolio on this really great new website about design, illustration etc. Here it is http://www.designed.rs/high5/manja_radic


senchy said...

Bila na Zakintosu prosle godine, potpuno odusevljena. Obavezno idi na obilazak ostrva brodom. Ima jos jedan izlet busom po ostrvu ali ovaj brodom je bolji. :) Lep provod!

matilda said...

Baš sam "odkrila" tvoj blog i oduševljena sam!